Cleaning Solutions for Carpets, Furniture, and More

Our Rug Cleaning Service Process

Step 1: Dedusting

Step 2: Soaking

Step 3: Shampooing

Step 4: Rinsing

Step 5: Drying

Step 6: Final check around the fringe of the rug to determine if there is any more stains or color runs to resolve

Step 7: Final drying process

Furniture Cleaning Services Offered by Proclean

Many people do not know that sofas and chairs harbor mold, dust, mildew, and bacteria that can make for an unsafe living area. Regular professional cleaning can remove these allergens and restore the look of the furniture.

Proclean will take the toughest cleaning jobs and deliver stellar results.

Upholstery cleaning—sofas, chairs, sectionals, and ottoman—require knowledge of fabrics, cleaning techniques, and cleaning solutions. Only years of experience and attention to detail—the hallmarks of Proclean—will obtain the best results.

Some of the Upholstery Fabrics Proclean Can Beautify and Clean Include:

  • Silk
  • Microfiber
  • Cotton
  • Cotton

Clean and restore the beauty of your upholstery with Proclean. Estimates are free, and we guarantee satisfaction. Call us today and see new life breathed into your furniture.

Proclean Offers Water Damage Restoration Services

Our advanced equipment allows for the use of new techniques to help detect hidden moisture, quickly extract standing water, and thoroughly clean and dry your home and belongings. We finish the job with professional deodorization and sanitizing agents for your comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

How We Take Care of You:

  • Drying of affected areas such as walls, carpet, padding, and furniture
  • Locating and repairing the source of leaking water
  • Applying our advanced restoration techniques to combat water damage
  • Mold and mildew remediation
  • Structural drying techniques
  • 24/7 emergency services

Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

Water damage restoration is more than a service we offer; it is our passion and a key cornerstone for the business. Our professionals are trained and specialized in water damage restoration, bringing their extensive skill set to the rescue with an emphasis on ensuring the drying process is followed to completion.

Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning services are strong enough to clean the deepest stains, gentle enough not to damage furniture, and safe for your entire family (including those members with four legs).

Fight Stains With Upholstery Protectant

Considering how much use your furniture gets, spills are inevitable. Be sure to ask a Proclean upholstery tech about applying protectant to your furniture to create a barrier around the fibers that will help resist staining. Make sure your furniture looks great year-round and stays cleaner longer in between professional cleanings.

Clean, Sanitize, and Protect

  • Restores manufacturer-applied stain guard that breaks down and fades over time

  • Forms a protective shield around upholstered furniture fibers

  • Repels most stains, allowing a window of opportunity for you to soak up the spill before it adheres to the furniture fibers

  • Works with a wide range of furniture materials

  • Reduces common allergens from dust mites, pests, pet dander, pollen, and more

Stone, Tile, and Grout Cleaning Offered by Proclean

At Proclean, we take the stress out of cleaning. With our years of training and experience, Proclean has literally "been there, done that" with all kinds of functional and decorative stone and tile. This is important because you want an expert who will use the proper tools and cleaners at your home or business. Why take the risk of permanently staining your stone, grout, and tile? Why spend countless back-breaking hours trying to do it yourself?

Proclean specializes in the following stones and tiles:

  • Natural Stone

  • Travertine

  • Slate

  • Quartzite

  • Ceramic Tile

  • Porcelain

The Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Has the time come for refinishing your hardwood floors with Proclean? If you haven't considered refinishing your hardwood floors, think about all of the marvelous benefits you are missing out on. On top of improving the overall appearance of your home, hardwood flooring repair can save you plenty of money by lasting more than 20 years.

If you live in or around Athens or Watkinsville, Georgia, it is easy to get beautiful, quality floors. All you have to do is depend on Proclean. Our licensed and experienced staff uses nothing but the latest and greatest flooring refinishing products and techniques. You can now get spectacular flooring without paying an arm and a leg. At the same time, our professional staff can address any questions and offer suggestions for your hardwood floors. Discover just how much Proclean can do for your property.

Getting Familiar With Refinishing Hardwood Floors

If you live in or around Athens or Watkinsville, Georgia, it is easy to get beautiful, quality floors. All you have to do is depend on Proclean. Our licensed and experienced staff uses nothing but the latest and greatest hardwood flooring refinishing products and techniques. You can now get spectacular flooring without paying an arm and a leg. At the same time, our professional staff can address any questions and offer suggestions for your hardwood floors. Discover just how much Proclean can do for your property.

It is always smart to speak with a flooring expert prior to refinishing your home. After all, you definitely want to rely on the best hardwood flooring treatment available. At the same time, make sure you know precisely when it is time to refinish your floors.

There Is a Fast and Simple Technique That You Can Use to Tell if Your Floors Require Refinishing

Use your hand to drop a bit of water onto the floor. Take note of how long it takes for the water to evaporate. Does it soak right up? If so, your floor needs to be covered with a newer and stronger finish. Otherwise, you will face plenty of long-term damage.

It is important to realize that any stains and warping should be addressed before refinishing your flooring. Meanwhile, make sure that your floor is a minimum of ¾” thick. If it is too thin, the Proclean in Athens and Watkinsville, Georgia team can exercise extreme caution to prevent sanding it down too far. Also, keep in mind that solid wood floors can be refinished more often than any type of engineered wood.

What Exactly Is Needed to Refinish the Hardwood Flooring in Your House?

Before you have your floors refinished, there are some simple steps that make the entire process more efficient, as well as safe for your home.

  • Vacuum up all dirt before refinishing

  • Make sure to remove any and all furniture from the floor

  • Use plastic wrap and masking tape to cover all doorways, electrical outlets, and air ducts

  • Everybody, including kids and pets, must avoid walking on the newly refinished floor

  • Now, you can take the headache out of refinishing hardwood floors. Call Proclean in either Athens or Watkinsville, Georgia today. You won't be sorry

Proclean Offers Re-Stretching Services

Are you beginning to see ripples, waves, or wrinkles on your carpet? I am sure you are asking yourself why is this happening? There are a few reasons why carpets buckle or ripple, there’s flood damage, damaged subfloor, your vacuum cleaner is too low to the carpet. Not only are these ripples unattractive but, over time, they can become bigger, dirtier, and often a tripping hazard. If left unattended, increase in number and size of folds crop up. You need a specialist to properly stretch them. Let Proclean save the day and re-stretch your carpet.

Proclean can fix this potential disaster waiting to happen, and we stand by the service we provide. When you’ve got bad carpet, we’ve got good answers!

We Can Repair All Types of Damage

  • Carpet Burns

  • Iron Burns

  • Light Bulb Burns

  • Hookah or Cigarette Burns

  • Pet Damage

  • Berber Damage (Including Snags and Pulled Rows)

  • Buckles, Waves, Bumps, or Ripples (Carpet Stretching)

  • Tears and Rips

  • Seam Damage

  • Carpet Transitions to Other Surfaces

  • And More!

Proclean Is The Stain Removal Expert


Using a special UV light that can detect pet accidents in your home and eliminate pet urine odors from your carpets, rugs, and upholstery through our revolutionary cleaning process called P.U.R.T.® (Pet Urine Removal Treatment). P.U.R.T. contacts the source of the odor and immediately begins a chemical reaction that destroys the pet urine odor. It’s shown excellent results on even the most severe pet urine damage.

An independent laboratory recently conducted multiple tests of our P.U.R.T. process to determine its effectiveness in treating pet urine odors and stains. In tests against the most common odor sources found in dog and cat urine, this study found that P.U.R.T. removes an average of 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets. To go one step further, the study also tested Proclean's ability to eliminate the bacteria that can be found in pet urine. When used along with our HCE (Hot Carbonating Extraction) cleaning process and a sanitizer, the study found that P.U.R.T. removes an average of 99.2% of the bacteria from pet urine stains in carpets.

Occasionally, difficult stains such as paint, lipstick, permanent marker, etc. require special treatment. Our professionally trained technicians are equipped with state-of-the-art products that can take care of virtually all spots and stains with our Specialty Stain Removal service. Using an arsenal of safe and effective stain removal products with the most innovative equipment:

  • Food Stains (Chocolate, Jelly, Ketchup)

  • Blood

  • Pet Accidents

  • Dirt and Mud

  • Tomato Juice, Soda, Kool-Aid

  • Grass

  • Wine

  • Coffee

  • And Much More!

Preventing Stains Before They Occur

For a more proactive and preventive solution to battling stains before they ever occur, consider our versatile stain protectant solution which works by forming a strong defensive layer around fabric fibers, repelling most liquids and stain-causing agents, stopping stains in their tracks before they can do their damage.

Let us help you regain the pride and happiness you feel when your home is clean and beautiful. A stain can be a real eyesore and can weigh on your mind, especially for those who take pride in and derive a lot of happiness from maintaining a clean, beautiful home. The best way to keep a stain from making itself a permanent resident on carpets and upholstered furniture is a speedy attack. The longer a stain sits, the more likely it is to set in. When you spot a tough stain in your home, give Proclean a try; you won't be disappointed!